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cross with ruby, Sacred Heart Brooch W/ Filigree Cross Genuine Ruby Artist Made One Of A Kind Pin Flaming Heart Pin For Coat Religious Jewelry Flame Heart



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My origina sacred heartl design a sacred heartll sta sacred heartrted from a sacred heart block of wa sacred heartx. Ca sacred heartrved, tha sacred heartn ca sacred heartst in top qua sacred heartlity Sterling silver.The sa sacred heartcred hea sacred heartrt with fla sacred heartme top penda sacred heartnt mea sacred heartsures a sacred heartbout 2 1/2" ta sacred heartll by 1" wide.A pretty filigree cross ha sacred hearts been soldered to the body a sacred heartnd set with a sacred heart 2mm genuine ruby stone.The hea sacred heartrt itself ha sacred hearts a sacred heart light ma sacred hearttte brush finish, the fla sacred heartmes a sacred heartre high polished, a sacred heartnd there is a sacred heart light a sacred heartntique finish to show a sacred heartll the deta sacred heartils.The ba sacred heartck ha sacred hearts my a sacred heartrtist ta sacred heartgs a sacred heartnd a sacred heart 3 piece sa sacred heartfety clutch style pin ba sacred heartck.Tha sacred heartnks for looking!IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION BELOW, PLEASE READ:US ORDERS-My ca sacred heartrt is set to ship items USPS First Cla sacred heartss Ma sacred heartil. You will ha sacred heartve a sacred heart option a sacred heartt checkout to upgra sacred heartde to USPS Priority Ma sacred heartil if you like.Tra sacred heartcking a sacred heartnd insura sacred heartnce is included in both. I will not be responsible for items tha sacred heartt ha sacred heartve a sacred heart confirmed delivery.First Cla sacred heartss ma sacred heartil is estima sacred heartted a sacred heartt 3-5 business da sacred heartys but ca sacred heartn be up to 10+ da sacred heartys in ra sacred heartre ca sacred heartses. Of course, wea sacred heartther a sacred heartnd holida sacred heartys ca sacred heartn a sacred heartlso pla sacred hearty a sacred heart role in a sacred heartdding a sacred heartdditiona sacred heartl da sacred heartys to your shipping. Priority ma sacred heartil is genera sacred heartlly 1-3 business da sacred heartys.I do my very best to ma sacred heartke sure your pa sacred heartcka sacred heartge will a sacred heartrrive sa sacred heartfely a sacred heartnd quickly. Plea sacred heartse understa sacred heartnd tha sacred heartt once it lea sacred heartves my ha sacred heartnds I ha sacred heartve no control of exa sacred heartctly when your item will get to you. You will be a sacred heartble to check the sta sacred hearttus of your shipping with the tra sacred heartcking informa sacred hearttion you will receive once the item ha sacred hearts left.INTERNATIONAL ORDERS-I ha sacred heartve removed Interna sacred hearttiona sacred heartl shipping from my ca sacred heartrt but a sacred heartm ha sacred heartppy to ship to most loca sacred hearttions a sacred hearts long a sacred hearts you conta sacred heartct me first.Plea sacred heartse do not ma sacred heartke the purcha sacred heartse of your desired item before conta sacred heartcting me.Convo me your full a sacred heartddress a sacred heartnd the item/items you a sacred heartre interested in so tha sacred heartt I ca sacred heartn ca sacred heartlcula sacred heartte exa sacred heartct shipping a sacred heartnd set up a sacred heart specia sacred heartllisting for you. I will ONLY send Interna sacred hearttiona sacred heartl by wa sacred hearty of USPS Priority tha sacred heartt includes insura sacred heartnce a sacred heartnd tra sacred heartcking.

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