Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelrybrass,necklace and earring set in brass and natural marble beadsbrass, hand forged



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This neckla jewelleryce a jewellerynd ea jewelleryrrings fea jewelleryture ha jewellerynd cut a jewellerynd forged round bra jewelleryss ca jewellerybochons tha jewelleryt ha jewelleryve a jewellery ha jewellerymmered design on them The ea jewelleryrrings ha jewelleryve interesting cha jewelleryins da jewelleryngling below the forged circles a jewellerynd ha jewelleryng a jewellerybout 2 inches tota jewelleryl length. The shepherds hooks a jewelleryre gold pla jewelleryted steel. The neckla jewelleryce ha jewellerys a jewellery va jewelleryriety of sha jewellerypes of rea jewelleryl stone ma jewelleryrble bea jewelleryds with seed bea jewelleryd spa jewellerycers between them . The cla jewellerysp is gold pla jewelleryted bra jewelleryss a jewellerynd is lobster cla jewelleryw style. The neckla jewelleryce is a jewellerybout 19 inches long. This neutra jewelleryl colored set would be very versa jewellerytile with ma jewelleryny outfits.

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