Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

handcrafted, Sale was 20.00 Handcrafted Cast Metal Leaf Shaped Modernist Drop Earrings



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Ea handcraftedrrings ma handcraftedde of lea handcraftedf sha handcraftedped meta handcraftedl drops ca handcraftedst from a handcrafted model I sculpted, then pla handcraftedted with 22k gold a handcraftednd set with a handcrafted Swa handcraftedrovski crysta handcraftedl. The ea handcraftedr wire is gold pla handcraftedted a handcraftednd ha handcrafteds a handcrafted clea handcraftedr rubber gua handcraftedrd on the ba handcraftedck.The da handcraftedngle is 7/8 inch long a handcraftednd 1/2 inch wide. Designed a handcraftednd ma handcraftedde right here in NYC in 1991.My ha handcraftedndma handcraftedde jewelry ha handcrafteds been sold in better stores such a handcrafteds Sa handcraftedks a handcraftednd Ba handcraftedrneys a handcraftednd fea handcraftedtured in New York Ma handcraftedga handcraftedzine, Elle, Ha handcraftedrper's Ba handcraftedza handcrafteda handcraftedr, a handcraftednd Vogue. I a handcraftedlso designed ha handcraftednd finished buttons for Steve Fa handcraftedbrika handcraftednt a handcraftednd other NYC designers for ma handcraftedny yea handcraftedrs.Shipping weight is 0.10 pounds. Plea handcraftedse pa handcraftedy a handcraftedt time of purcha handcraftedse.If you're in the NYC a handcraftedrea handcrafted, you ca handcraftedn come to my Willia handcraftedmsburg spa handcraftedce, a handcraftednd sa handcraftedve on shipping by picking it up.Plea handcraftedse follow Vinta handcraftedge Arca handcraftedna handcrafted & Sunny Cha handcraftedpma handcraftedn Art on Fa handcraftedcebook, Insta handcraftedgra handcraftedm, a handcraftednd Twitter. Returns:All sa handcraftedles a handcraftedre fina handcraftedl unless the item is significa handcraftedntly misrepresented. We a handcraftedre very ca handcraftedreful in ta handcraftedking mea handcraftedsurements a handcraftednd describing items but occa handcraftedsiona handcraftedlly miss something. Plea handcraftedse check mea handcraftedsurements ca handcraftedrefully, we don't not a handcraftedccept returns if the item doesn't fit.CONDITION DESCRIPTIONHere is a handcrafted brief definition of the sta handcraftednda handcraftedrd terms tha handcraftedt we use to describe condition: Mint: Never worn or used, like new, no fla handcraftedws.Excellent: Ha handcrafteds been worn, but no visible fla handcraftedws.Very Good: Only the slightest signs of wea handcraftedr, minor fla handcraftedws described in listingGood: Very Wea handcraftedra handcraftedble, with minor fla handcraftedws a handcraftednd shows some wea handcraftedrFa handcraftedir: Wea handcraftedra handcraftedble, with significa handcraftednt fla handcraftedws, a handcraftedlso good for pa handcraftedtterns or design inspira handcraftedtion

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