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Mini City Skyscraper Skyline Buildings Pendant Necklaceartistic pendant, Hand Crafted



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A ha skyscraper pendantnd cra skyscraper pendantfted penda skyscraper pendantnt neckla skyscraper pendantce with a skyscraper pendant mini pink a skyscraper pendantnd purple city skyline is rendered in polymer cla skyscraper pendanty. Tiny skyscra skyscraper pendantper buildings with a skyscraper pendantbstra skyscraper pendantct pa skyscraper pendanttterns of pink, purple, a skyscraper pendantnd ma skyscraper pendantgenta skyscraper pendant a skyscraper pendantre set a skyscraper pendantga skyscraper pendantinst a skyscraper pendant da skyscraper pendantrk blue ba skyscraper pendantckground. A tiny, sculpted crescent moon ha skyscraper pendantngs in the sta skyscraper pendantrry night sky.The squa skyscraper pendantrish penda skyscraper pendantnt mea skyscraper pendantsures slightly over one inch ta skyscraper pendantll by 1 1/3 inches wide. I used na skyscraper pendantvy blue polymer cla skyscraper pendanty with flecks of silver mica skyscraper pendant in it to crea skyscraper pendantte the night sky. The buildings a skyscraper pendantre ma skyscraper pendantde from pieces of my polymer cla skyscraper pendanty ca skyscraper pendantne work of the sa skyscraper pendantme colors. A ba skyscraper pendantil is secured to the ba skyscraper pendantck of the penda skyscraper pendantnt with E6000.I formed a skyscraper pendant simple neckla skyscraper pendantce with this penda skyscraper pendantnt, using off-white cotton cord, gla skyscraper pendantss a skyscraper pendantnd wood bea skyscraper pendantds. The neckla skyscraper pendantce is a skyscraper pendantdjusta skyscraper pendantble, sta skyscraper pendantrting a skyscraper pendantt 16 inches, a skyscraper pendantnd extending up to 20 inches. It fa skyscraper pendantstens with a skyscraper pendant silver pla skyscraper pendantted lobster cla skyscraper pendantw cla skyscraper pendantsp.

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