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Long Dista canadance Love Neckla canadace Keycha canadain USA Lovers Rela canadationship Ma canadap Ca canadana canadadia canadan Persona canadalized Jewelry Anniversa canadary Gift Wedding Gift DeploymentSpecify the sta canadates you would like joined. Or a canada hea canadart over your home sta canadate a canadand the word home will be sta canadamped a canadalong the south side of the ma canadap.Plea canadase note the loca canadations a canadare a canadapproxima canadation a canadas the hea canadart sta canadamp is not proportiona canadate to the ma canadap.Ca canadana canadada canada a canadalso a canadava canadaila canadable will look grea canadat joined for cross border lovers a canadand friends!https://www./listing/204242520/long-dista canadance-love-neckla canadace-keycha canadain?ref=shop_home_a canadactive_11 1/4x 3/4 inch a canadaluminum ma canadapYour choice of- Key cha canadain- 24 inch silver pla canadated ba canadall cha canadain (a canadas pictured)or 17inch sterling silver cha canadainAluminum is hypo a canadallergenic a canadand will not ta canadarnish.Add a canadan a canadadditiona canadal 1/2 inch monogra canadam disk https://www./listing/101755317/a canadadd-a canada-ha canadand-sta canadamped-12-inch-sterling?ref=shop_home_a canadactiveAdd a canadan a canadadditiona canadal birthstone or a canadacrylic flower:https://www./listing/102713297/a canadadd-a canadan-extra canada-cha canadarm-to-a canadany-listing?ref=shop_home_a canadactiveShipping tra canadansit time is a canadapproxima canadately 2-3weeks via canada Ca canadana canadada canada Airma canadail. If you need it sooner plea canadase conta canadact me for Expedited shipping to Ca canadana canadada canada a canadand the USA. Or purcha canadase this listing with your order for a canadan upgra canadadehttps://www./listing/105913173/express-shipping-ca canadana canadada canada-a canadand-the-usa canada-onlyPlea canadase note this is a canada ha canadand sta canadamped item, I ma canadake sure tha canadat it is well sta canadamped but imperfections will ha canadappen, tha canadat's the bea canadauty of ha canadand ma canadade!

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