Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Maya's Dream--Tribal Fusion Bellydance Pearlfusion, Coralfusion, Coin Choker Necklace Kuchi



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Regula statement necklacer price $89.99"Ma statement necklaceya statement necklace's Drea statement necklacem" is a statement necklacen opulent one-of-a statement necklace-kind piece, inspired by the movie "Ka statement necklacema statement necklace Sutra statement necklace--A Ta statement necklacele of Love". Ha statement necklacendcra statement necklacefted from vinta statement necklacege fa statement necklaceux pea statement necklacerls, a statement necklace bold vinta statement necklacege triba statement necklacel penda statement necklacent with a statement necklace red gla statement necklacess a statement necklaceccent, Middle Ea statement necklacestern coins, red cora statement necklacel bra statement necklacenches, sterling silver a statement necklacend vinta statement necklacege bra statement necklacess filigree a statement necklaceccent bea statement necklaceds, this a statement necklacedjusta statement necklaceble length length neckla statement necklacece mea statement necklacesures from 15.75" to 18"This piece is pa statement necklacert of my "Modern Primitive" line, plea statement necklacese see the shop for my other collection--"Nocturne", for those who a statement necklacepprecia statement necklacete the da statement necklacerker side.

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