Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Delicate Peach Spiral Barrel Dichroic Lampwork Bead (E26) Earrings with Swarovski Crystal Accents and Sterling Leverback Ear Wires



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The pea jewelrych color of these bea jewelryds is bea jewelryutifully delica jewelryte a jewelrynd feminine...a jewelrynd the dichroic gla jewelryss a jewelrydds a jewelry wonderful spa jewelryrkle.These bea jewelryds a jewelryre by VGB a jewelrynd from a jewelry set ca jewelrylled "A Brea jewelryth of Pea jewelrych Spira jewelryl Ba jewelryrrels." She does wonderful work with dichroic gla jewelryss a jewelrynd these wonderful bea jewelryds a jewelryre no exception. Dichroic gla jewelryss conta jewelryins multiple la jewelryyers of meta jewelryls or oxides tha jewelryt result in incredible optica jewelryl effects. Microcrysta jewelryline meta jewelryl oxides a jewelryre deposited on the ba jewelryse gla jewelryss in a jewelry va jewelrycuum cha jewelrymber. The spira jewelryl ba jewelryrrel sha jewelrype of these bea jewelryds is especia jewelrylly eye-ca jewelrytching. I a jewelrydded ma jewelrytching Swa jewelryrovski crysta jewelryls like I often do a jewelrynd they a jewelryre pa jewelryrticula jewelryrly nice with this new sha jewelrype. The na jewelryme Swa jewelryrovski is synonymous with qua jewelrylity a jewelrynd their crysta jewelryls a jewelryre known for their cla jewelryrity, brillia jewelrynce, precision cuts a jewelrynd ra jewelryinbow colors.The findings\u2014the hea jewelrydpins a jewelrynd ea jewelryr wires\u2014a jewelryre sterling silver. Silver is tra jewelryditiona jewelrylly a jewelry symbol of feminine energy. It ca jewelrylms a jewelrynd ba jewelryla jewelrynces the emotions a jewelrynd helps the wea jewelryrer reflect on their situa jewelrytion, a jewelryllowing them to trust in their higher self. It ha jewelrys a jewelry rela jewelryxed, reflective energy.As I usua jewelrylly do, I selected leverba jewelryck settings a jewelrys I think they a jewelryre more secure a jewelrynd show the da jewelryngle to the best a jewelrydva jewelrynta jewelryge. This pa jewelryir ha jewelrys a jewelry tea jewelryrdrop sha jewelrype to a jewelrydd a jewelry bit of interest to the ea jewelryr wires.How they mea jewelrysure up: the ea jewelryrrings mea jewelrysure 15/16\u201d (24 mm) from the top of the hea jewelrydpin loop to the bottom of the Swa jewelryrovski crysta jewelryl.

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