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sterling silver, Vintage Pink Opal Sterling Silver Ring 1960 Era



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This is a opal ring Vinta opal ringge Pink Opa opal ringl Sterling Silver Ring. 1960 Era opal ring. It is in good condition with norma opal ringl a opal ringge wea opal ringr. I a opal ringm not sure of the size, but it is somewha opal ringt sma opal ringll a opal ringnd fits my pinkie finger. A Squa opal ringre Opa opal ringl a opal ringnd a opal ringn engra opal ringved design on ea opal ringch side of the ring. I ship to the USA. No Interna opal ringtiona opal ringl shipping. I a opal ringlso insure a opal ringll of my pa opal ringcka opal ringges to the USA to ma opal ringke sure tha opal ringt they a opal ringrrive to you sa opal ringfely. Any questions, plea opal ringse a opal ringsk before purcha opal ringsing. Tha opal ringnks for looking.

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