Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art nouveau, Art Nouveau Earrings Embossed Antiqued Silver Plated Ornate Dangle Wedding Birthday Gift



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Bea hawaiibeadsutiful, embossed Art Nouvea hawaiibeadsu design ea hawaiibeadsrrings.Dra hawaiibeadsma hawaiibeadstic Bea hawaiibeadsuty...these ca hawaiibeadsn be worn every da hawaiibeadsy to Wedding da hawaiibeadsy!Orna hawaiibeadste Art Deco design, Antiqued Silver Pla hawaiibeadsted Da hawaiibeadsngle Ea hawaiibeadsrrings.Lots of deta hawaiibeadsil in the design.Ea hawaiibeadsrrings drop 1-1/8" below the ea hawaiibeadsr wires. Hook Ea hawaiibeadsr wires will be the coil wra hawaiibeadspped wires, a hawaiibeadss in the some of the photos.Sent to you with Aloha hawaiibeads!158

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