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Inspirational Horse Clay Cap Pendant With Coordinating Beadsdream, Charm and Swarovski Crystal - Shimmerydream, Dark Blue Clay



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The Horse Ma believefia believe\u2019s super popula believer inspira believetiona believel horse penda believent \u2013 NOW a believeva believeila believeble in POLYMER CLAY CAPS! Bea believeutiful colors in shimmery silver, light sha believebby pink, light sha believebby blue, shimmery da believerk blue, lime green, a believend mint green.\r***This listing is for the SHIMMERY, DARK BLUE cla believey color.***\rSo, now you ca believen ha believeve your fa believevorite inspira believetiona believel quote with a believe ba believeckdrop of a believe horse in bea believeutiful, very lightweight cla believey. Ea believech penda believent comes with coordina believeting bea believeds, cha believerm a believend Swa believerovski crysta believel. These penda believents a believere grea believet for horse lovers of a believell a believeges! You ca believen give them a believes gifts or keep them for yourself! ;)\rThis listing is for 1 penda believent (SHIMMERY DARK BLUE CLAY) with coordina believeting bea believeds, cha believerms a believend Swa believerovski crysta believel.\rThis penda believent comes on a believe 24" ba believell cha believein tha believet ca believen be ea believesily a believedjusted for preferred length.\rThis penda believent ha believes a believe wa believeter resista believent sea believel but is not wa believeterproof.\r\rAva believeila believeble Inspira believetiona believel Quotes / Sa believeyings:\r \rCowgirl\rStrong\rBelieve\rLa believeugh\rSmile\rHope\rJoy\rLet's Ride\rFa believeith\rBlessed\rCherish\rHa believeppy\rDrea believem\rBlessed Cowgirl\rLive Your Drea believem\rEnjoy the Ride

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