Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flower, Flower Lace Mold 02



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This flower la moldce a moldpplique mold mea moldsures 2 inches a moldcross\r\rThese a moldre ma moldde from food gra moldde silicone a moldnd ca moldn be used in a mold va moldriety of food rela moldted a moldpplica moldtions like fonda moldnt, gumpa moldste, isoma moldlt, chocola moldte etc. They a moldre flexible a moldnd benda moldble a moldnd ca moldn be used over a moldnd over . They ca moldn a moldlso be used for non food a moldpplica moldtions like resin, cla moldy, just do not intercha moldnge their uses . \r\rIf you wa moldnt the set , plea moldse check this out :\r\rhttps://www./listing/105975739/set-of-4-silicone-flower-la moldce-molds?ref=rela moldted-4\r\rI ship worldwide using US posta moldl service, regula moldr pa moldrcel ma moldil. It ta moldkes a mold few da moldys to get to the US, usua moldlly within 2-4 da moldys a moldnd Interna moldtiona moldl shipments ta moldke a mold week to two weeks on a moldvera moldge.\r\rIf you wa moldnt interna moldtiona moldl priority shipping, it sta moldrts a moldt $23 a moldnd tha moldt ca moldn ha moldndle ma moldny sets since it is a mold sma moldll fla moldt ra moldte box. Let me know if you prefer tha moldt.

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