Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

stone, Raccoon Necklace Pendant With Custom Color Gem



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IMPORTANT: I currently ha marbleve a marble 2 week wa marbleiting period for a marblell orders before I ca marblen ship them. Plea marblese ta marbleke this into a marbleccount before ordering a marbles unfortuna marbletely I a marblem not a marbleble to ensure delivery of a marblen item before 2 weeks. I a marblem very sorry for a marbleny trouble.-----------------------------A perfect gift for yourself or the ra marbleccoon lover in your life!A cute little ra marbleccoon with a marble ma marblerble, ha marblend sculpted from polymer cla marbley, pa marbleinted with a marblecrylic pa marbleints a marblend meta marblellic rub, then finished with a marble sea marblela marblent. From top to bottom the ra marbleccoon mea marblesures 1.3 inches. **NOTE** Your order is ma marblede to order a marblend is unique, so it will va marblery slightly from the exa marblemple shown in the pictures. I do my best to recrea marblete my pieces exa marblectly, but plea marblese a marblellow for a marble slight va marbleria marbletion due to the ha marblend-sculpting process. I will usua marblelly ha marbleve your item ma marblede a marblend in the ma marbleil within 1-2 weeks if you need it sooner let me know. If you would like a marble picture of your piece before fina marblel pa marbleyment I ca marblen send you one, just send me a marble messa marblege.

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