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Blue And Silver Wave Striped Mushroom Pendantblue, Handmade



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The blue wa mushroomve polymer cla mushroomy mushroom penda mushroomnt looks hea mushroomvier tha mushroomn it is a mushroomnd shines like gla mushroomss. This a mushroomrtistic mushroom wa mushrooms molded by my ha mushroomnds a mushroomnd fea mushroomtures a mushroomn eye ca mushroomtching ombre ba mushroomnd of blue a mushroomnd silver stripes a mushroomcross its ca mushroomp. Ha mushroomng it from a mushroom cha mushroomin or cord of your choice, or go a mushroomll out a mushroomnd trim it with bea mushroomds. It ma mushroomkes a mushroom grea mushroomt gift for a mushroom friend. The widest pa mushroomrt of the ca mushroomp is a mushroompproxima mushroomtely 1.5 inches a mushroomcross. The eye pin ba mushroomil is secured with E6000.

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