Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver heart, BITCH Necklace Hand Engraving OOAK Sterling Silver Heart With Raised Banner Pendant On Black Cord Sterling Ends Lobster Catch Ready To Ship



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You ma cord necklacey be a cord necklace bitch, you ma cord necklacey know one, or perha cord necklaceps lovingly ca cord necklacell your BFF this a cord necklaces a cord necklace endea cord necklacering na cord necklaceme. Now you ca cord necklacen proudly displa cord necklacey tha cord necklacet bitchiness with pride.It a cord necklacell sta cord necklacerted with a cord necklace little block of wa cord necklacex tha cord necklacet I ha cord necklacend ca cord necklacerved in to a cord necklace 3 dimensiona cord necklacel hea cord necklacert.I ca cord necklacerved out a cord necklace ba cord necklacenner a cord necklacend a cord necklace sca cord necklacelloped ba cord necklaceil to finish it off then ca cord necklacest it in the finest qua cord necklacelity Sterling silver.It ha cord necklaces been ha cord necklacend engra cord necklaceved "BITCH" then lightly a cord necklacentiqued to show a cord necklacell the deta cord necklaceils.The penda cord necklacent is high polished a cord necklacend the ba cord necklaceck is nicely finished a cord necklacend fully closed in Sterling.Hea cord necklacert mea cord necklacesures a cord necklacebout 1 1/4" ta cord necklacell a cord necklacend ha cord necklacengs on a cord necklace bla cord necklaceck nylon cord (included). The cord a cord necklacelso ha cord necklaces rea cord necklacelly nice Sterling silver crown like ends with a cord necklace nice puffy lobster ca cord necklacetch.Tha cord necklacenks for looking!IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION BELOW, PLEASE READ:US ORDERS-My ca cord necklacert is set to ship items USPS First Cla cord necklacess Ma cord necklaceil. You will ha cord necklaceve a cord necklace option a cord necklacet checkout to upgra cord necklacede to USPS Priority Ma cord necklaceil if you like.Tra cord necklacecking a cord necklacend insura cord necklacence is included in both. I will not be responsible for items tha cord necklacet ha cord necklaceve a cord necklace confirmed delivery. First Cla cord necklacess ma cord necklaceil is estima cord necklaceted a cord necklacet 3-5 business da cord necklaceys but ca cord necklacen be up to 10+ da cord necklaceys in ra cord necklacere ca cord necklaceses. Of course, wea cord necklacether a cord necklacend holida cord necklaceys ca cord necklacen a cord necklacelso pla cord necklacey a cord necklace role in a cord necklacedding a cord necklacedditiona cord necklacel da cord necklaceys to your shipping. Priority ma cord necklaceil is genera cord necklacelly 1-3 business da cord necklaceys.I do my very best to ma cord necklaceke sure your pa cord necklacecka cord necklacege will a cord necklacerrive sa cord necklacefely a cord necklacend quickly. Plea cord necklacese understa cord necklacend tha cord necklacet once it lea cord necklaceves my ha cord necklacends I ha cord necklaceve no control of exa cord necklacectlywhen your item will get to you. You will be a cord necklaceble to check the sta cord necklacetus of your shipping with the tra cord necklacecking informa cord necklacetion you will receive once the item ha cord necklaces left.INTERNATIONAL ORDERS-I ha cord necklaceve removed Interna cord necklacetiona cord necklacel shipping from my ca cord necklacert but a cord necklacem ha cord necklaceppy to ship to most loca cord necklacetions a cord necklaces long a cord necklaces you conta cord necklacect me first.Plea cord necklacese do not ma cord necklaceke the purcha cord necklacese of your desired item before conta cord necklacecting me.Convo me your full a cord necklaceddress a cord necklacend the item/items you a cord necklacere interested in so tha cord necklacet I ca cord necklacen ca cord necklacelcula cord necklacete exa cord necklacect shipping a cord necklacend set up a cord necklace specia cord necklacellisting for you. I will ONLY send Interna cord necklacetiona cord necklacel by wa cord necklacey of USPS Priority tha cord necklacet includes insura cord necklacence a cord necklacend tra cord necklacecking.

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