Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold tone, Vintage Lucien Piccard Signed Necklace Triple Strand Haute Couture Runway Statement Piece



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This is a chain necklace triple stra chain necklacend signed/sta chain necklacemped Lucien Picca chain necklacerd runwa chain necklacey style neckla chain necklacece. Bea chain necklaceutiful 1970's gold tone a chain necklacend superior qua chain necklacelity neckla chain necklacece with a chain necklacell three cha chain necklaceins ha chain necklaceving different textures. The cla chain necklacesp is a chain necklace push in with a chain necklace la chain necklacedies profile a chain necklacend a chain necklace flora chain necklacel motif. The cla chain necklacesp opera chain necklacetes when you fold a chain necklacet the hinge.This neckla chain necklacece is in grea chain necklacet vinta chain necklacege condition with mild meta chain necklacel wea chain necklacer to the pa chain necklacert of the cla chain necklacesp tha chain necklacet pushes into the box a chain necklacend slight meta chain necklacel wea chain necklacer to the ba chain necklaceck of the cla chain necklacesp. This stunning neckla chain necklacece weighs 110.8 gra chain necklacems a chain necklacend is signed on a chain necklacen ova chain necklacel ha chain necklaceng ta chain necklaceg. This neckla chain necklacece would look grea chain necklacet with a chain necklace suit or dressed up for a chain necklace night on the town.\r\r Approxima chain necklacete Dimensions\r\r The first cha chain necklacein 8 1/2"\r \r The second cha chain necklacein 9 1/2"\r\r The third cha chain necklacein 10 1/2"\r\r The cla chain necklacesp 1" by 2 1/4

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