Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bone, Urban Primitive Turquoise Necklace Handmade Ceramic Crosses with Imbedded Street Glass Symbolic Gemstones Bone Statement Jewelry



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This neckla blue greence is a blue green bit of experimenta blue greenl a blue greenrt. Primitive a blue greennd contempora blue greenry a blue greent once. It combines bea blue greenutiful la blue greenrge (15mm) round turquoise a blue greennd heishi bea blue greends with bone bea blue greends I burned in the firepla blue greence a blue greennd then polished smooth. I a blue greendded a blue green ha blue greenndful of pipestone, hema blue greentite, sterling a blue greennd ca blue greenrnelia blue greenn bea blue greends to increa blue greense the mosa blue greenic a blue greenppea blue greenl of the piece.The cross penda blue greennts were a blue greenll ha blue greennd cut in rough terra blue green cotta blue green. Ea blue greench is slightly different. Before firing these pieces I embedded ea blue greench one with a blue green pinch of recycled street gla blue greenss - bits a blue greennd sha blue greenrds of broken bottles swept up from the street. Once in the kiln the gla blue greenss melted onto the cla blue greeny forming irregula blue greenr bits a blue greennd pools. The crosses a blue greenre wired onto the neckla blue greence with sterling silver wire.About 24" with sterling hook a blue greennd eye cla blue greensp.

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