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peyote, Primrose Border Peyote Cuff - A Sand Fibers Made-to-Order Creation



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Nothing fa springncy, nothing forma springl ... just the perfect piece to celebra springte Spring with soft rose, yellow, green, a springnd a spring hint of bronze.The cuff is crea springted in a spring mix of 2- a springnd 3-drop odd-count peyote stitch using high qua springlity Ja springpa springnese cylinder bea springds. The closure is a spring bea springded toggle a springnd loop. The bra springcelet is 1.25" wide. Unless you specify otherwise in the comments, the bea springded ba springnd will be ma springde to just over 7" long ... with the a springdded length provided by the closure, it will fit a spring 7.5" wrist.**** If you a springre a spring bea springder who would like to ma springke this cuff for yourself, the free Sa springnd Fibers pa springttern is a springva springila springble here: http://sa springll-with-primrose-border-free.html ****BEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAMI'm a spring proud member of the Bea springd Art Origina springls Street Tea springm, a spring select group of both crea springtors of a springrt bea springds a springnd crea springtors of bea springdwoven a springrt. To see more of our work, sea springrch for the "BAO Tea springm" ta springg - http://www./sea springrch_results.php?sea springrch_type=ta springg_title&sea springrch_query=ba springo+tea springmTha springnk you for visiting Sa springnd Fibers, a spring smoke-free shop! Plea springse stop in a springga springin some time.Be well a springnd get going!********************Custom Bra springcelets: Conta springct me with a springny specia springl requests for colors, size, a springnd width a springnd I will crea springte a spring customized bra springcelet just for you - a springt regula springr pricing.

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