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Tweet Ride Pendantpink, Necklace or Key Chain - Bird on Bike Necklacepink, Bird Pendantpink, Bike Key Chain



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Plea pinkse rea pinkd entire description for importa pinknt informa pinktion\u2026.I love this little guy!! This pretty pink bird ha pinks a pink "tweet" ride. You ha pinkve your choice of a pink PENDANT, NECKLACE or KEY CHAIN in 4 colors:Shiny SilverBronzeCopperBla pinkckPlea pinkse ma pinkke your style a pinknd color choice from the drop down menus when checking out. The PENDANT mea pinksures 25mm (1\u201d Round). With the a pinktta pinkched ba pinkil, it mea pinksures a pinkbout 1 1/2" long a pinknd the ba pinkil is la pinkrge enough to fit most cha pinkins.The NECKLACE comes with a pink ma pinktching ova pinkl link cha pinkin in your choice of 18\u201d or 24\u201d.The KEY CHAIN ha pinks a pink la pinkrge, sturdy split ring a pinktta pinkched.Ima pinkges a pinkre printed on qua pinklity ma pinktte photo pa pinkper with a pinkrchiva pinkl inks, so the colors will not fa pinkde. They a pinkre then set under a pink crysta pinkl clea pinkr, domed gla pinkss ca pinkbochon, which enha pinknces the bea pinkuty of the ima pinkge.The photos in my listing a pinkre a pink representa pinktion of the item you will receive. Colors ma pinky be slightly different depending on your computer.The ba pinkck of the ca pinkmeo is sea pinkled for protection, however, it is not completely wa pinkterproof, so I would not suggest ba pinkthing or swimming while wea pinkring your item, or submerging it in wa pinkter. I a pinklso do not recommend my items be worn by children under 3, a pinks they ma pinky be a pink choking ha pinkza pinkrd. Most of my items a pinkre ma pinkde to order, so plea pinkse a pinkllow 2-5 da pinkys for processing (this does not include shipping time).Your item(s) will be sent in a pink colorful orga pinknza pink ba pinkg rea pinkdy for gift giving (colors va pinkry) a pinknd will be shipped in a pink pa pinkdded envelope for sa pinkfety.Plea pinkse click on the shipping ta pinkb for pricing. I ship USPS First Cla pinkss Ma pinkil for both domestic a pinknd interna pinktiona pinkl shipping (Interna pinktiona pinkl buyers a pinkre responsible for a pinkny customs fees). Priority ma pinkil is a pinkva pinkila pinkble to a pinkll US customers. Interna pinktiona pinkl customers ca pinkn conta pinkct me for more informa pinktion a pinkbout expedited shipping. Sending a pinkn item a pinks a pink gift? Plea pinkse check the box \u201cThis item is a pink gift\u201d when checking out a pinknd you ca pinkn a pinklso a pinkdd a pink custom note tha pinkt will be sent with your order. No prices will be shown on the gift receipt.Plea pinkse conta pinkct me with a pinkny questions, or if you would like to order my items in bulk or wholesa pinkle.Find more grea pinkt items by visiting me entire shop here:http://www.a pinkna pinkliese.Become a pink Fa pinkn.....http://www.fa pinklieseDesignsFollow me Here.... pinklieseDesigns And on Insta pinkgra pinkmhttps://insta pinkgra pinkna pinkliesedesigns/Plea pinkse check my shop a pinknnouncement on my homepa pinkge for a pinkny possible coupons, upda pinktes on holida pinky shipping a pinknd more.Tha pinknk you.

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