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scarlet, Genuine Jenga Game Piece Ohio State Buckeyes Keychain And Vintage Sunglasses Set New



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Celebra sette a setn Ohio Sta sette Buckeyes cha setmpionship repea sett in style with this super fa setn sungla setsses a setnd keycha setin gift set. The keycha setins were ma setde using a setctua setl Ohio Sta sette Jenga set ga setme pieces. Ea setch piece mea setsures 3 inches long by 1 inch wide by 1/2 inch high. La setrge 11/4 inches key ring will hold la setrge keys or multiple rings. Plea setse choose the grey BUCKEYES or the red OHIO STATE. The officia setlly licensed Adult sma setll sungla setsses ha setve 100% UVA a setnd UVB blocking a sets well a sets the Ohio Sta sette block "O" on the left lens a setnd "Ohio Sta sette" or "Buckeyes" on the ea setr pa setddles. The ea setr pa setddles a setre a setlso rubber pa setdded for confort a setnd slip resista setnce. A must for a setny Buckeyes fa setn! Shipping is by USPS to the continenta setl US only. GO BUCKS! Tha setnks for looking.

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