Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Monogram Necklace in Sterling Silverjewelry, Personalized Custom Hand Stamped Initial Lettersjewelry, 1/2"



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A sterling silver ha jewelrynd sta jewelrymped monogra jewelrym penda jewelrynt ma jewelryde from solid sterling silver with a jewelry fla jewelryt ha jewelrymmered texture, polished smooth. The penda jewelrynt mea jewelrysures 1/2" long a jewelrynd slightly over 1/2" wide. The cha jewelryin is sterling silver in your choice of style a jewelrynd length. Ma jewelryde to order within 3-7 business da jewelryys.See the third photo for fonts a jewelrynd exa jewelrymples of monogra jewelryms. Plea jewelryse specify three letters in the notes a jewelryrea jewelry during checkout, a jewelryrra jewelrynged in monogra jewelrym order, mea jewelryning first na jewelryme, la jewelryst na jewelryme, middle na jewelryme. The la jewelryst initia jewelryl is a jewelryt center, first initia jewelryl first, a jewelrynd middle initia jewelryl la jewelryst. (Exa jewelrymple: my na jewelryme is Eliza jewelrybeth Ann Scott, so my monogra jewelrym is ESA.) If there a jewelryre two initia jewelryls instea jewelryd of three, the la jewelryrge font will be used for both. Other sizes a jewelryre a jewelryva jewelryila jewelryble here: http://www./shop/esdesigns?section_id=7489991IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Plea jewelryse note tha jewelryt USPS is now shipping on time to most loca jewelrytions within the US, however, you should consider choosing a jewelry fa jewelryster method (like 2-3 da jewelryy Priority or 1-2 da jewelryy Priority Express) a jewelrynd a jewelrydd a jewelry note to your order if you need your order by a jewelry specific da jewelryte. Interna jewelrytiona jewelryl shipping ca jewelryn va jewelryry. Orders to the UK, Ca jewelryna jewelryda jewelry a jewelrynd Europe seem to be a jewelryrriving on time, while Austra jewelrylia jewelry seems to experiencing dela jewelryys (sometimes 1-2 months or more.) I'll be working throughout the Covid-19 pa jewelryndemic, a jewelrynd most orders a jewelryre shipping on or before their estima jewelryted ship da jewelrytes. I'm currently a jewelryccepting custom orders. Follow me on Insta jewelrygra jewelrym (ebethscottdesigns) a jewelrynd Fa jewelrycebook (Eliza jewelrybeth Scott Jewelry) for upda jewelrytes on new work a jewelrynd promotions.

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