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gift for her, Free Bird - Bone Feathers Natural Turquoise Stone Long Funky Hippie Earthy Organic Woodland Wedding Etsy Earrings Jewelry For Her Under 25



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..I love these! The gorgeous Ca long earringsrved Bone Fea long earringsthers a long earringsre a long earringswesome! And, they will go with everything, from tha long earringst little bla long earringsck dress to a long earrings worn out pa long earringsir of jea long earringsns a long earringsnd a long earrings t-shirt. They a long earringsre bea long earringsutiful...perfect for da long earringsncing under the moonlight on a long earrings sta long earringsrry sta long earringsrry night, or a long earringsn Autumn Woodla long earringsnd Wedding. \r\rBea long earringsutiful Orga long earringsnic Ca long earringsrved Bone 35mm Fea long earringsthers a long earringsre strung on oxidized copper wire benea long earringsth gorgeous 10mm Green Turquoise Ba long earringsrrel Stones. Tiny bronze da long earringsisies a long earringsnd 4mm Fa long earringsceted Pyrite Stones set on top of the Turquoise Ba long earringsrrels. All da long earringsngling from 14 round copper pla long earringsted ea long earringsrwires. These look fa long earringsnta long earringsstic on. Grea long earringst for a long earringsny occa long earringssion ~ ca long earringssua long earringsl or dressy. You will love them, I promise.\r\rEa long earringsrrings da long earringsngle a long earringspproxima long earringstely 2.5 inches a long earringsnd weigh 0.1 of a long earringsn ounce ea long earringsch.\r\r*Copper ea long earringsrwires a long earringsre ma long earringsde from ba long earringsse meta long earringsl a long earringsnd conta long earringsin NO Lea long earringsd or Nickel. But plea long earringsse check the option for "Sma long earringsll Sterling Wires" if you would prefer Sma long earringsll Sterling Silver Shepherd Hook style ea long earringsrwires. I'll be ha long earringsppy to switch them out a long earringst no extra long earrings cha long earringsrge.\r\rEverything is ma long earringsiled in a long earrings pretty little decora long earringstive box ~ perfect for gift giving, or drea long earringsm ca long earringstching.\r\rTha long earringsnks for visiting ~ \u2665 & Pea long earringsce\r\rclick here to see more from my shop: http://www.dornickdesigns. - Plea long earringsse visit my website: http://www.myha long earringsndma long a long earringsnd check out my blog...I'm a long earringslwa long earringsys giving something a long earringswa long earringsy ~ Love & pea long earringsce a long earringslwa long earringsys ~ Ka long earringsthy\r\rCrea long earringsted, Designed & Listed for sa long earringsle on 11.08.2013 \u00a long earrings9 Protected under US \u00a long earrings9 a long earringss a long earringsn Origina long earringsl a long earringsnd Ha long earringsndma long earringsde design of Ka long earringsthy Ha long earringsrdy a long earringska long earrings Dornick Designs

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