Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glow, Red Moonglow Lucite and Clear Chandelier Crystal Holiday Necklace. Sterling SIlver Clasp with Adjustable Chain at Back.



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This is a costume big holida costumey style piece with a costume huge penda costument from a costumen old cha costumendelier. It is molded gla costumess fa costumeceted to look like crysta costumel, a costumend mea costumesures a costumebout 2x 2.5". I ha costumend wra costumepped thick sterling silver wire to crea costumete a costume secure ba costumeil. The neckla costumece is strung on nylon coa costumeted steel ca costumeble a costumend is very strong.\rThe neckla costumece is a costumedjusta costumeble 17-18" a costumend is mea costument to fit close to the neck. The vinta costumege lucite a costumend cut crysta costumel bea costumeds ha costumeve a costume sheen tha costumet comes from within.\rRed moonglow is vibra costument a costumend cheery! These bea costumeutiful textured bea costumeds ca costumeme from a costume broken vinta costumege neckla costumece da costumeting to the 1950s.

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