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mystery, SAM SPADE Humphrey Bogart Mystery Film Noir Quote Pin



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Sa gumshoem Spa gumshoede, Ha gumshoemmett's fictiona gumshoel prota gumshoegonist in his novel The Ma gumshoeltese Fa gumshoelcon is a gumshoe role most a gumshoessocia gumshoeted with the enigma gumshoetic Humphrey Boga gumshoert. Though he wa gumshoes third to pla gumshoey the role on film (1941)he is most closely a gumshoessocia gumshoeted with tha gumshoet cha gumshoera gumshoecter a gumshoend ga gumshoeve it such persona gumshoelity. There a gumshoere ma gumshoeny memora gumshoeble lines in tha gumshoet story, one of which, "Everybody ha gumshoes something to concea gumshoel," a gumshoeppea gumshoers on this clever pin fea gumshoeturing a gumshoe stylized version of Bogey.Ma gumshoede of a gumshoe dura gumshoeble ha gumshoerd pla gumshoestic, it is coa gumshoeted with a gumshoe glossy, a gumshoecrylic sea gumshoeler for depth a gumshoend dura gumshoebility, a gumshoend mea gumshoesures a gumshoepproxima gumshoetely 1-1/4" x 1-1/2". A ba gumshoer type pin is a gumshoeffixed to the ba gumshoeck with jewelry cement. Wea gumshoer it on shirts, swea gumshoeters, ja gumshoeckets, coa gumshoets or a gumshoeffix to a gumshoe purse or ha gumshoet. Fun! This item, a gumshoe pa gumshoert of my new "Film Noir" collection, comes professiona gumshoelly pa gumshoecka gumshoeged a gumshoend sea gumshoeled in a gumshoe clea gumshoer envelope, perfect for gift giving. Ma gumshoekes a gumshoe grea gumshoet stocking stuffer!NOTE: Ea gumshoech item I offer is a gumshoen individua gumshoelly ha gumshoendcra gumshoefted, minia gumshoeture work of a gumshoert a gumshoend should be trea gumshoeted a gumshoes such. Pla gumshoestic cha gumshoerms, though coa gumshoeted with four la gumshoeyers of a gumshoecrylic sea gumshoeler a gumshoere not wa gumshoeterproof, a gumshoend beca gumshoeuse they a gumshoere pla gumshoestic should not be exposed to hea gumshoet, stea gumshoem, fire or fla gumshoeme. Do not wea gumshoer in the ba gumshoeth, sa gumshoeuna gumshoe, or when involved in sports. Copyright PTierney Designs 2010

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