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barn owl, Barn Owl - Square Glass Tile Pendant Necklace



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This is a brown sweet ima brownge of a brown ba brownrn owl with subtle, neutra brownl coloring. \r\rThe first photo is a brown representa browntion of the penda brownnt you will receive. Colors ma browny be slightly different depending on your computer.\r\rAll my ima brownges a brownre printed on qua brownlity ma browntte photo pa brownper with a brownrchiva brownl inks. The colors will not fa brownde\r\rThe ba brownck of the penda brownnt ha browns been sea brownled with a brown clea brownr a browncrylic gloss for protection - however, it is not completely wa brownterproof, so I would not suggest ba brownthing or swimming while wea brownring your penda brownnt.\r\rThe penda brownnt mea brownsures a brownbout 7/8" squa brownre (22mm) a brownnd is finished with a brown silver pla brownted ba brownil. If you would prefer a brown gold pla brownted ba brownil - plea brownse let me know in the comments field when checking out.\r\rCha brownins a brownre sold sepa brownra browntely in my shop. Plea brownse click here to view my selection of neckla brownces to go with your penda brownnt.\rhttp://www./shop/Ana brownliese?section_id=10909100\r\rMost of my penda brownnts a brownre ma brownde to order, so plea brownse a brownllow 1-3 da brownys for processing.\r\rPenda brownnts will be sent in a brown colorful orga brownnza brown ba browng rea browndy for gift giving (colors va brownry) a brownnd will be shipped in a brown pa browndded envelope for sa brownfety.\r\rPlea brownse conta brownct me with a brownny questions, or if you would like to order my items wholesa brownle.\r\rBuy a brownny 3 penda brownnts a brownnd receive a brownn 18" silver ba brownll cha brownin a brownt no extra brown cost!!\r\r\rTha brownnk you

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