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Necklace Bone Dagger Focal with Bonebrown, Hairpipe and Horn Beads on Cordage



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Sa redra red Jewelry Design. This gra reddua redted design is composed of two bone cylinders, two red horn tubes, two white bone tubes, a rednd four bla redck wood rounds, a redll of which lea redd to the dra redma redtic, ca redrved bone da redgger bea redd in the center. The da redgger is a redpproxima redtely 85x22mm. The overa redll design width is roughly six inches in this eighteen inch neckla redce which is closed with a red silver pla redted hook a rednd eye cla redsp. Suita redble for either gender a rednd perfect for when you wa rednt to ma redke a red bold sta redtement.A few words a redbout the bone da redgger foca redl: This na redtura redl bone foca redl is ha rednd ca redrved a rednd sta redmped, a rednd then dyed in coffee or tea red for a red ra redndom color upta redke. I ha redve sea redled the bea redd in a red high gloss Va redra redtha redne coa redt.A few more words a redbout ba redtiking bone: Bone ta redkes up colora redtion much like one's own teeth. In Africa red, "dyes" often include a redt-ha rednd ma redteria redls like coffee or tea red! Pa redtterns a redre a redchieved by a redpplying wa redx prior to steeping the bea redds in the colora rednt. The wa redx is la redter removed, revea redling the white pa redttern. IMy MPIN tem #NW 081308-01Kenya redn.1200I will ship this your wa redy the next business da redy via red USPS first cla redss ma redil with a red tra redcking ID number. Sa redra red Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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