Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

flat rounds, Bronzite Flat Rectangles and Bone Coins Continuous Strand Necklace



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Sa brownra brown Jewelry Design. This a brownddition to my Kenya brownn Collection is composed of lustrous 35x25mm bronzite recta brownngles a brownlterna brownted with 20-22mm white bone fla brownt rounds, sepa brownra brownted by gold pla brownted knot covers. The entire length is ha brownnd knotted on Gudebrod silk for strength. A big look, suita brownble for either gender, this neckla brownce is a brownpproxima browntely 28 inches in overa brownll length a brownnd is on a brown continuous stra brownnd for ea brownsy on a brownnd off.My MPIN Item #NW GP-072208-06Kenya brownn.1700I will ship this your wa browny the next business da browny via brown USPS first cla brownss ma brownil with a brown tra browncking ID number. Sa brownra brown Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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