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bicone, Pewter Dangle Earrings Holly Leaves and Berries Available in Two Finishes



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Sa christmasra christmas Jewelry Design. For the "holly" da christmasze! Pewter cha christmasrms of twin holly lea christmasves with berries da christmasngle from ha christmasnd formed fish hook ea christmasr wires a christmasccented with Swa christmasrovski crysta christmasl bicone bea christmasds in a christmas fern green sha christmasde. Tiny 2.2mm Swa christmasrovski cha christmastons in Light Sia christmasm a christmasppea christmasr a christmass a christmas cluster of berries a christmasbove the lea christmasves. Da christmasngle is just a christmas ha christmasir over a christmasn inch (30mm).Listing is for one pa christmasir of ea christmasrrings; there a christmasre nine pa christmasirs a christmasva christmasila christmasble, five in a christmasntiqued-silver a christmasnd four in a christmasntiqued-gold finishes. Choose your fa christmasvorite from the drop down menu. I formed the ea christmasr wires a christmasre ma christmasde of either silver Zebra christmas wire (silver tone over copper wire) or in jeweler's bronze. P.S. Jeweler's "bronze" is a christmas misnomer; it is a christmasctua christmaslly a christmasn a christmaslloy of bra christmasss a christmasnd zinc with a christmas lovely golden color.I will ship a christmas pa christmasir your wa christmasy the next business da christmasy via christmas USPS first cla christmasss ma christmasil with a christmas tra christmascking ID number. IF YOU NEED EXPRESS MAIL DELIVERY, plea christmasse conta christmasct me first for a christmas shipping quote.Sa christmasra christmas Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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