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earrings, Bright Metallic Jingle Bell Earrings on Silver Plated Wires Available in Four Colors



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Sa bellsra bells Jewelry Design. Here's a bells bit of fun for your holida bellsys: Da bellsngle ea bellsrrings ma bellsde up of two bells in meta bellsllic colors, suspended on silver filled curb cha bellsin a bellsnd da bellsngling from silver pla bellsted fish hook ea bellsr wires with a bells ba bellsll a bellsnd coil design. Ea bellsch ea bellsrring ha bellss a bells 10mm a bellsnd a bells 7mm bell; the sma bellsller bell ha bellsngs slightly a bellsbove a bellsnd in front of the la bellsrger. Da bellsngle length is just a bells skosh over a bellsn inch (30mm).These a bellsre not noisy bells! They a bellsre pia bellsnissimo, rea bellslly more tinklers tha bellsn jinglers.Listing is for one pa bellsir of ea bellsrrings. I ma bellsde eight pa bellsirs of which the following rema bellsin: One red, one gold, one blue, two green, a bellsnd two purple. Select your color from the drop down menu.Sa bellsra bells Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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