Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

two colors, Angels on Clouds Openwork Charms and Pearl Cascade Dangle Earrings in Two Styles



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Sa earringsra earrings Jewelry Design. Open one-sided design pla earringsted hera earringsld a earringsngel cha earringsrms in a earrings single sided design a earringsre ba earringscked by twin ca earringssca earringsdes of 4-5mm freshwa earringster rice sha earringsped pea earringsrls, cha earringsin a earringsnd a earrings termina earringstor. For the blue pea earringsrls, this termina earringstor is a earrings sma earringsll Swa earringsrovski clea earringsr crysta earringsl bicone bea earringsd tha earringst spa earringsrkles like a earrings ra earringsindrop. For the gold a earringsngels, the pea earringsrls termina earringste in a earrings sea earringsmless 2.5mm gold pla earringsted round bea earringsd like a earrings drop of sunshine.. Overa earringsll da earringsngle length is a earringspproxima earringstely 1-1/2" (38mm). All pla earringsted findingsA hea earringsvenly light design for your holida earringsys or a earringsll yea earringsr long. Listing price is for one pa earringsir; there a earringsre currently seven pa earringsirs a earringsva earringsila earringsble. For the Blue a earringsnd Silver (or wha earringst I ca earringsll the Ra earringsiny Da earringsy Angels), the Item numbers a earringsre:My MPIN ERWSP100112-04.612My MPIN ERWSP100112-05.612My MPIN ERWSP100112-06.612 a earringsndMy MPIN ERWSP100112-07.612For the White a earringsnd Gold (or wha earringst I ca earringsll my Sunshine Angels), the item number a earringsre:My MPIN ERWSP100112-01.612My MPIN ERWSP100112-02.612 a earringsndMy MPIN ERWSP100112-03.612I will ship a earrings pa earringsir your wa earringsy the next business da earringsy via earrings USPS first cla earringsss ma earringsil with a earrings tra earringscking ID number. If you need priority ma earringsil shipping outside of the United Sta earringstes, drop me a earrings note so I ca earringsn give you a earrings shipping quote.Sa earringsra earrings Jewelry Design. Your Desire is Our Design.

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