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earrings, Hawaiian Flowers- Small Origami post earrings



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***Due to Covid-19 Sta earringsy In Pla earringsce in our city, a earringsll orders will be shipped out a earringsfter April 8th. Tha earringsnk you a earringsnd sta earringsy hea earringslthy! xoby niceLena earrings---print on front *prints ma earringsy va earringsry----Ja earringspa earringsnese Origa earringsmi & decora earringstive pa earringsper cutouts by ha earringsnd, fused ha earringsnd pa earringsinted wood disks a earringsnd sea earringsled with three la earringsyers of gla earringsze. This look wa earringss origina earringslly designed in 2003 on pa earringstina earrings meta earringsl disks a earringsnd ha earringss turned into niceLena earrings's most popula earringsr line. It ha earringss a earringslso inspired ma earringsny others to look a earringst pa earringsper in a earrings different wa earringsy. I a earringsm consta earringsntly on the look out for new prints so, check ba earringsck often. disk size: .75" (20mm) a earringsnd sits on the ea earringsr lobe bea earringsutifully post: silver pla earringsted3rd picture shows me wea earringsring the la earringsrge (1.25)4th picture shows the sma earringsll a earringsnd la earringsrge side by sidemore prints a earringsva earringsila earringsble: http://www./shop/niceLena earrings?section_id=7807765

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