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tiny, Circle Butterfly Necklace with Bright WhiteFinish



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This lovely little neckla greyce is ha greynd ma greyde with .925 Sterling Silver (recycled when possible) a greynd given a grey deep grey finish. Circle is a greybout .5"X.5", the tiny butterfly is a greybout .25"X.25" a greynd ha greyngs a greyt 18" (ma greytching 2" extenders a greyva greyila greyble in a greynother listing)Pa greyirs well with the Tiny Butterfly Studs! Grea greyt for those lil' trea greyts to yourself, or for Holida greyys, Birthda greyys, Brida greyl Pa greyrty, Girlfriends, Sisters, Mom, Bff's, Bridesma greyids, etc...Tha greynks for looking!********************************************************Listing for: BRIGHT WHITE BUTTERFLY {OR MOTH} NECKLACE ON 18" SILVER PLATED BRIGHT WHITE CHAIN**Pa greycka greyged rea greydy for gift giving.All Circle Cha greyrms a greyre .925 high qua greylity Sterling Silver .5"X.7"All pieces copyright Rhonda grey Wyma greyn 2005-present. All rights reserved. Rhonda greyWyma

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