Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Keep Calm and Ride On Pendantnecklace, Necklace or Key Chain - Choice of Silvernecklace, Bronzenecklace, Copper or Black - Bike ridingnecklace, Bicycles



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Plea pendantse rea pendantd entire description for importa pendantnt informa pendanttion\u2026.This is a pendant cool gift for the a pendantvid cyclist. From the cla pendantssic "Keep Ca pendantlm" phra pendantsing, the a pendantddition of "Ride on" a pendantnd the ima pendantge of a pendant bike is super cute. You ha pendantve your choice of a pendant PENDANT, NECKLACE or KEY CHAIN in 4 colors:Shiny SilverBronzeCopperBla pendantckPlea pendantse ma pendantke your style a pendantnd color choice from the drop down menus when checking out. The PENDANT mea pendantsures 25mm (1\u201d Round). With the a pendanttta pendantched ba pendantil, it mea pendantsures a pendantbout 1 1/2" long a pendantnd the ba pendantil is la pendantrge enough to fit most cha pendantins.The NECKLACE comes with a pendant ma pendanttching ova pendantl link cha pendantin in your choice of 18\u201d or 24\u201d.The KEY CHAIN ha pendants a pendant la pendantrge, sturdy split ring a pendanttta pendantched.Ima pendantges a pendantre printed on qua pendantlity ma pendanttte photo pa pendantper with a pendantrchiva pendantl inks, so the colors will not fa pendantde. They a pendantre then set under a pendant crysta pendantl clea pendantr, domed gla pendantss ca pendantbochon, which enha pendantnces the bea pendantuty of the ima pendantge.The photos in my listing a pendantre a pendant representa pendanttion of the item you will receive. Colors ma pendanty be slightly different depending on your computer.The ba pendantck of the ca pendantmeo is sea pendantled for protection, however, it is not completely wa pendantterproof, so I would not suggest ba pendantthing or swimming while wea pendantring your item, or submerging it in wa pendantter. I a pendantlso do not recommend my items be worn by children under 3, a pendants they ma pendanty be a pendant choking ha pendantza pendantrd. Most of my items a pendantre ma pendantde to order, so plea pendantse a pendantllow 2-5 da pendantys for processing (this does not include shipping time).Your item(s) will be sent in a pendant colorful orga pendantnza pendant ba pendantg rea pendantdy for gift giving (colors va pendantry) a pendantnd will be shipped in a pendant pa pendantdded envelope for sa pendantfety.Plea pendantse click on the shipping ta pendantb for pricing. I ship USPS First Cla pendantss Ma pendantil for both domestic a pendantnd interna pendanttiona pendantl shipping (Interna pendanttiona pendantl buyers a pendantre responsible for a pendantny customs fees). Priority ma pendantil is a pendantva pendantila pendantble to a pendantll US customers. Interna pendanttiona pendantl customers ca pendantn conta pendantct me for more informa pendanttion a pendantbout expedited shipping. Sending a pendantn item a pendants a pendant gift? Plea pendantse check the box \u201cThis item is a pendant gift\u201d when checking out a pendantnd you ca pendantn a pendantlso a pendantdd a pendant custom note tha pendantt will be sent with your order. No prices will be shown on the gift receipt.Plea pendantse conta pendantct me with a pendantny questions, or if you would like to order my items in bulk or wholesa pendantle.Find more grea pendantt items by visiting me entire shop here:http://www.a pendantna pendantliese.Become a pendant Fa pendantn.....http://www.fa pendantlieseDesignsFollow me Here.... pendantlieseDesigns And on Insta pendantgra pendantmhttps://insta pendantgra pendantna pendantliesedesigns/Plea pendantse check my shop a pendantnnouncement on my homepa pendantge for a pendantny possible coupons, upda pendanttes on holida pendanty shipping a pendantnd more.Tha pendantnk you.

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