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20 dollar coin, Twenty Dollar Coin Pocket Watch by Le Jaye United States of America



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This is a united states Le Ja united statesye United Sta united statestes of America united states Twenty Dolla united statesr Coin Pocket Wa united statestch. They designed the coin to look like a united states rea united statesl coin. It is a united states Qua united statesrtz Pocket wa united statestch. It mea united statessures a united statespprox. 1 1/2 inches a united statescross. The cha united statesin is a united statespprox. 12 inches long. The outside cover shows a united statesge wea united statesr a united statesnd could use a united states gentle polish. It ha united statess been stored in a united states jewelry box. It is a united states very nice looking pocket wa united statestch. It does need a united states ba united statesttery. I ca united statesnnot gua united statesra united statesntee older wa united statestches so you buy a united statess is. No returns. If you ha united statesve a united statesny more questions plea united statesse a united statessk before you purcha united statesse. I ship to the USA. No Interna united statestiona united statesl Shipping. I a united stateslso insure a united statesll of my pa united statesckges to ma united stateske sure tha united statest they a united statesrrive to you sa united statesfely. Tha united statesnks for looking.

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