Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

18 inch necklace, Silver & Blue 16 Inch Necklace with Carved Stone Pendant



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A bea bead necklaceutiful 18 inch silver a bead necklacend blue neckla bead necklacece tha bead necklacet fea bead necklacetures a bead necklace ca bead necklacerved blue stone penda bead necklacent. The penda bead necklacent is 1 1/4 inches long. I constructed the rest of the neckla bead necklacece with silver a bead necklacend blue bea bead necklaceds, a bead necklacelong with da bead necklacerker blue bea bead necklaced a bead necklaceccents. I rea bead necklacelly love the cla bead necklacesp on this one. It's a bead necklace ba bead necklacer a bead necklacend ring (toggle) style cla bead necklacesp, but not tra bead necklaceditiona bead necklacel. The "ba bead necklacer" is a bead necklace silver crescent moon a bead necklacend the "ring" is a bead necklace 5-pointed silver sta bead necklacer. Both of which fea bead necklaceture a bead necklace cool sta bead necklacemped design.Is blue your fa bead necklacevorite color? You ma bead necklacey like my other green jewelry pieces:http://www./shop/JoolzbyJodi/sea bead necklacerch?sea bead necklacerch_query=BlueYour jewelry comes in custom pa bead necklacecka bead necklaceging tha bead necklacet is perfect for gift giving. (See Picture Above)

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