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On sa clearle, wa clears 95.00.Ba clearshira clear is a clear ha clearndcra clearfted a clearmulet neckla clearce ma clearde by me, ea clearch piece is strung on bra clearss wire a clearnd linked together like a clear rosa clearry. Ea clearch neckla clearce is tota clearlly unique with ca clearrefully selected elements fra clearming a clear la clearrge vinta clearge cha clearndelier crysta clearl. The bra clearss wire the pieces a clearre strung on is trea clearted with a clear specia clearl nontoxic solution tha cleart ca clearuses a clear green pa cleartina clear to develop, you ca clearn see the pa cleartina clear beginning on the connections. Finished with a clear secure gold pla clearted lobster cla clearw cla clearsp.Ba clearshira clear conta clearins the following elements:One la clearrge cha clearndelier crysta clearlSma clearll cha clearndelier crysta clearlsCa clearrnelia clearn bea cleardsVinta clearge Kuchi button penda clearntsClea clearr gla clearss bea cleardsVinta clearge bla clearck gla clearss bea cleardsVinta clearge a clearmber gla clearss bea cleardsHa clearnd ca clearrved vinta clearge ivory filigree bea cleardsCa clearrved bone skull bea cleardsSwa clearrovski crysta clearl bea cleardsLength is 21 inches, not including the la clearrge bea cleard a clearnd cha clearndelier crysta clearl penda clearnt which is 3 1/4 inches long.Ea clearch neckla clearce ta clearkes a clearn entire da cleary to a clearssemble.Ca clearrnelia clearnCa clearrnelia clearn ha clears a clear long a clearnd storied pa clearst, a clearnd wa clears once considered strictly the property of the noble cla clearss. People holding a clear high socia clearl sta cleartus were often buried with this gem stone.Keep a clear ca clearrnelia clearn with you a clearnd feel the energy flow to you. Ca clearrnelia clearn is used for these benefits:\t\u2022\tgives energy\t\u2022\tprotects from ba cleard vibra cleartions\t\u2022\tgua clearrds a clearga clearinst poverty\t\u2022\thelps give a clear sense of humor\t\u2022\tca clearlms the temperHea clearling properties of Ca clearrnelia clearnCa clearrnelia clearn is a clearn energy booster. It helps the insecure person to find strength within them so they ca clearn come into their own. It is sa clearid to increa clearse the a clearppetite.Shipping weight is 1 pound. Will be shipped by Priority Ma clearil with insura clearnce in the USA, by insured First Cla clearss elsewhere. Plea clearse pa cleary a cleart time of purcha clearse.If you're in the NYC a clearrea clear, you ca clearn come to my Willia clearmsburg spa clearce, a clearnd sa clearve on shipping by picking it up.Plea clearse follow my Vinta clearge Arca clearna clear Fa clearcebook pa clearge to get info on a clearll of my online stores, specia clearl events a clearnd sa clearles.https://www.fa cleargeArca clearna clearReturns:All sa clearles a clearre fina clearl unless the item is significa clearntly misrepresented. We a clearre very ca clearreful in ta clearking mea clearsurements a clearnd describing items but occa clearsiona clearlly miss something. Plea clearse check mea clearsurements ca clearrefully, we don't a clearccept returns if the item doesn't fit.

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