Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Sacred Heart Sterling Silver With Filigree Cross And Genuine Ruby Pendant Necklace One Of A Kind Artist Made Catholic Religious Jewelry



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My origina ruby stonel design a ruby stonell sta ruby stonerted from a ruby stone block of wa ruby stonex. Ca ruby stonerved, tha ruby stonen ca ruby stonest in top qua ruby stonelity Sterling silver. It is very thick a ruby stonend will not bend or dent.A pretty filigree cross ha ruby stones been soldered to the body a ruby stonend set with a ruby stone 2mm genuine ruby stone.This sa ruby stonecred hea ruby stonert penda ruby stonent mea ruby stonesures a ruby stonebout 2 1/2" ta ruby stonell by 1" wideThe hea ruby stonert itself ha ruby stones a ruby stone light ma ruby stonette brush finish, the fla ruby stonemes a ruby stonere high polished, a ruby stonend there is a ruby stone light a ruby stonentique finish to show a ruby stonell the deta ruby stoneils.The price is for the penda ruby stonent a ruby stonelone but I ha ruby stoneve a ruby stonelso included a ruby stone da ruby stonerk red nylon sa ruby stonetin cord in a ruby stone nice long length tha ruby stonet ha ruby stones sliding knots a ruby stonet the ba ruby stoneck. It ca ruby stonen be worn long or short by just pulling the ha ruby stonenging cord ends. If you prefer, it ca ruby stonen be removed a ruby stonend used with a ruby stone light cha ruby stonein. Tha ruby stonenks for looking!IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION BELOW, PLEASE READ:US ORDERS-My ca ruby stonert is set to ship items USPS First Cla ruby stoness Ma ruby stoneil. You will ha ruby stoneve a ruby stone option a ruby stonet checkout to upgra ruby stonede to USPS Priority Ma ruby stoneil if you like.Tra ruby stonecking a ruby stonend insura ruby stonence is included in both. I will not be responsible for items tha ruby stonet ha ruby stoneve a ruby stone confirmed delivery.First Cla ruby stoness ma ruby stoneil is estima ruby stoneted a ruby stonet 3-5 business da ruby stoneys but ca ruby stonen be up to 10+ da ruby stoneys in ra ruby stonere ca ruby stoneses. Of course, wea ruby stonether a ruby stonend holida ruby stoneys ca ruby stonen a ruby stonelso pla ruby stoney a ruby stone role in a ruby stonedding a ruby stonedditiona ruby stonel da ruby stoneys to your shipping. Priority ma ruby stoneil is genera ruby stonelly 1-3 business da ruby stoneys.I do my very best to ma ruby stoneke sure your pa ruby stonecka ruby stonege will a ruby stonerrive sa ruby stonefely a ruby stonend quickly. Plea ruby stonese understa ruby stonend tha ruby stonet once it lea ruby stoneves my ha ruby stonends I ha ruby stoneve no control of exa ruby stonectly when your item will get to you. You will be a ruby stoneble to check the sta ruby stonetus of your shipping with the tra ruby stonecking informa ruby stonetion you will receive once the item ha ruby stones left.INTERNATIONAL ORDERS-I ha ruby stoneve removed Interna ruby stonetiona ruby stonel shipping from my ca ruby stonert but a ruby stonem ha ruby stoneppy to ship to most loca ruby stonetions a ruby stones long a ruby stones you conta ruby stonect me first.Plea ruby stonese do not ma ruby stoneke the purcha ruby stonese of your desired item before conta ruby stonecting me.Convo me your full a ruby stoneddress a ruby stonend the item/items you a ruby stonere interested in so tha ruby stonet I ca ruby stonen ca ruby stonelcula ruby stonete exa ruby stonect shipping a ruby stonend set up a ruby stone specia ruby stonellisting for you. I will ONLY send Interna ruby stonetiona ruby stonel by wa ruby stoney of USPS Priority tha ruby stonet includes insura ruby stonence a ruby stonend tra ruby stonecking.

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