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bronze link, Set of (2) Bronze Bumpy Rings (Solid Bronze)



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Set of (2) Bronze Bumpy Rings (Solid Bronze)\r\r*Plea solid bronzese see my shop a solid bronzennouncement for a solid bronzeny current promotions or coupon codes a solid bronzeva solid bronzeila solid bronzeble.*\r\rLike our Fa solid bronzecebook pa solid bronzege "OldWorldBronze" \rFollow us on Twitter @Scottsda solid bronzeleBea solid bronzed\r\r--------------------------------------------------------------------------\rTHIS ITEM:\r\r\r\u27a solid bronze2 Item Info:\rSet of (2) Bronze Bumpy Rings (Solid Bronze)\r\r\u27a solid bronze2 Size Informa solid bronzetion: \r21mm dia solid bronzemeter\r\r\r(there a solid bronzere 25.4mm to 1 inch)\r\rAlso a solid bronzeva solid bronzeila solid bronzeble in sterling silver for $30\rPrice subject to cha solid bronzenge. Extra solid bronze delivery time ma solid bronzey a solid bronzepply for sterling silver products. \r\r\rProduct ID: BZRN0062\r--------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\rMY SHOP INFO:\r\rPlea solid bronzese click here for my shop policies on pa solid bronzeyment, shipping, a solid bronzend returns:\rhttp://www./shop/OldWorldBronze/policy\r\r\rWa solid bronzent to a solid bronzesk a solid bronze specific question? We a solid bronzere gla solid bronzed to help! Conta solid bronzect us a solid bronzet a solid bronzeny of the following: \r\r1.) Etsy:\rConta solid bronzect us here on Etsy\r- If you ha solid bronzeve a solid bronze question a solid bronzebout a solid bronze specific item plea solid bronzese include a solid bronze link to the listing\r\r2.) Twitter:\rTweet us @Scottsda solid bronzeleBea solid bronzed\r\r3.) Fa solid bronzecebook:\rfa solid\r\r\r\rNew to Etsy? Not sure how to ma solid bronzeke a solid bronze purcha solid bronzese? Don't worry! Rea solid bronzed this short guide: http://www./help/a solid bronzerticle/339

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