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These Christma christmass tree ea christmasrrings a christmasre perfect to put you in the festive spirit throughout the holida christmasy sea christmasson!The ea christmasrrings a christmasre cut from copper sheet, a christmasnd then ena christmasmeled with gla christmasss ena christmasmel in a christmas kiln. The trees a christmasre a christmasbout 1" from top to bottom, with solid sterling silver ea christmasr wires a christmast the top. Colorful 'orna christmasments' a christmasccent the tree design.Wea christmasr these to holida christmasy pa christmasrties or gift them to a christmas friend, or both!Colorful orna christmasments decora christmaste the trees a christmasnd give them some fun life :)I will include sma christmasll rubber stoppers on the ba christmasck of the ea christmasr wires, so tha christmast the ea christmasrrings will be secure in the wea christmasrer's ea christmasrs, a christmasnd they will a christmasrrive in a christmas sma christmasll blue box suita christmasble for gifting with a christmas sma christmasll pouch for storing the ea christmasrrings when they a christmasre not being worn.I ma christmaske a christmasll of my jewelry by ha christmasnd in my Sa christmasva christmasnna christmash, GA studio. Plea christmasse let me know if you ha christmasve a christmasny questions. Tha christmasnk you for va christmasluing a christmasnd supporting ha christmasnd cra christmasfted a christmasrt.

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