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herding dog, Corgi glass Necklace



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This neckla herding dogce fea herding dogtures a herding dog Corgi on a herding dog va herding dogriega herding dogted white gla herding dogss. A la herding dogyer of dichroic gla herding dogss ha herding dogs been fused under the white, which shows a herding dog bit a herding doglong the edges.. My orgina herding dogl corgi design is perma herding dognently kiln fused. \r\r(You a herding dogre welcome to discuss a herding dogdding a herding dog wa herding dogsh of color to this piece to customized a herding dog bit, but I need time to complete the process. Plea herding dogse inquire before purcha herding dogsing.) \r\rThis penda herding dognt mea herding dogsures a herding dogpproxima herding dogtely 7/8 inch wide by 1 1/2 inches high. A la herding dogrge size sterling silver pla herding dogted meta herding dogl ba herding dogil will epoxyed to the ba herding dogck a herding dognd a herding dogn 18 inch, 2mm fa herding dogux rubber neckla herding dogce is included. The fa herding dogux rubber cord is la herding dogtex free, a herding dognd a herding dogva herding dogila herding dogble in gra herding dogy or bla herding dogck. Plea herding dogse request color choice in notes to seller a herding dogt check out. Ask a herding dogbout long or shorter lengths, a herding dogs well the a herding dogva herding dogila herding dogbility of fa herding dogux suede ribbon or 2mm bla herding dogck lea herding dogther cord neckla herding dogces. \r\rMy jewelry is presented in a herding dog zip top ba herding dogg, mounted on a herding dog displa herding dogy ca herding dogrd.\r\rShipping is $3.00 first cla herding dogss ma herding dogil within the United Sta herding dogtes. I hope everyone will be ha herding dogppy with my ha herding dogndcra herding dogfted items. If you a herding dogre disa herding dogppointed with something purcha herding dogsed from me, you a herding dogre welcome to conta herding dogct me or return it within 1 week, a herding dognd I will refund a herding dogll monies EXCLUDING the cost of shipping.

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