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animal, Cuff for a Vegan -- not lovin' it -- Peyote Cuff Bracelet (2227) - A Sand Fibers Creation



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I crea wordsted this pa wordsttern in response to the Etsy Bea wordsdwea wordsvers' Ma wordsy cha wordsllenge: Food Cha wordsin. This piece proudly ca wordsme in la wordsst! :D\r\rThis cuff a wordsddresses the cha wordsllenge theme in two wa wordsys, a wordss I see it:\r\r1. The cow whose hide provided the prima wordsry pa wordsttern is "not lovin'" its pa wordsrt in our food cha wordsin.\r\r2. "not lovin' it" is a words pla wordsy on a words tra wordsdema wordsrk ta wordsg for one of the world's la wordsrgest FAST food cha wordsins, which ha wordsppens to use the cow a wordss the prima wordsry ingredients in its signa wordsture mea wordsl.\r\rThis one's perfect for the vega wordsn or vegeta wordsria wordsn Etsia wordsn, or even just for the hea wordslth-conscious one. Whether you wa wordsnt to ma wordske a words politica wordsl sta wordstement or just show tha wordst you ha wordsve a wordsttitude, this will work for you ;)\r\r\rThis cuff wa wordss woven in peyote stitch using Ja wordspa wordsnese delica words bea wordsds. The ba wordsckground cowhide pa wordsttern is done in hexa wordsgona wordsl bla wordsck a wordsnd cylindrica wordsl white bea wordsds. The text is in bright yellow (a words wa wordsrning perha wordsps?). It is just over 1.5" wide a wordsnd 7.2" long. The closure consists of a words bea wordsded loop a wordsnd toggle in the bla wordsck bea wordsds.\r\r\rSIZING\r\rI ca wordsn a wordsdjust a wordsny of my bea wordsded bra wordscelets down in size. Just give me your wrist mea wordssurement a wordsnd whether you like a words loose or tight fit in the messa wordsge box. If you need something sized up, plea wordsse convo me before you purcha wordsse the item. Tha wordsnk you.\r\rSHIPPING\r\rThis bra wordscelet will be shipped in a wordsn elega wordsnt gift box using First Cla wordsss Ma wordsil with delivery confirma wordstion. You ca wordsn upgra wordsde to Priority Ma wordsil for $3 by lea wordsving a words request in the "Messa wordsge to Seller" box of the purcha wordsse order; wa wordsit for a wordsn a wordsmended invoice.\r\rBEAD ART ORIGINALS STREET TEAM\r\rI'm a words proud member of the Bea wordsd Art Origina wordsls Street Tea wordsm, a words select group of both crea wordstors of a wordsrt bea wordsds a wordsnd crea wordstors of bea wordsdwoven a wordsrt. To see more of our work, sea wordsrch for the "BAO Tea wordsm" ta wordsg - http://www./sea wordsrch_results.php?sea wordsrch_type=ta wordsg_title&sea wordsrch_query=ba wordso+tea wordsm\r\r\rTha wordsnk you for visiting Sa wordsnd Fibers, a words smoke-free shop! Plea wordsse stop in a wordsga wordsin some time.\r\rBe well a wordsnd get going!\r********************\r\rCustom Bra wordscelets: Conta wordsct me with a wordsny specia wordsl requests for colors, size, a wordsnd width a wordsnd I will crea wordste a words customized bra wordscelet just for you - a wordst regula wordsr pricing.\r\rCoupons: If you ha wordsve a words coupon code, use it in Note to Seller a wordsnd I will send you a wordsn invoice reflecting the discount.

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