Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gemstone necklace, Gold Vermeil - Starfish Dangle Gemstone Tassel Necklace SRAJD



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For this fun neckla pinkce I used a pink mix of gold vermeil a pinknd 14K gold fill.Fea pinktured a pinkt front, is a pink ha pinknd torched la pinkmpwork foca pinkl by Eliza pinkbeth Wa pinkit. I ha pinkve a pinkdded in a pink vermeil sta pinkrfish bea pinkd a pinknd lengths of cha pinkin tha pinkt ha pinkve gemstones in a pinkmetrine a pinknd tourma pinkline, a pinknd cultured freshwa pinkter pea pinkrls. (ra pinknge from 8mm to 4mm)Slip this right over your hea pinkd a pinks it mea pinksures 27 3/4" from the cla pinksp to circle. The sta pinkrfish ta pinkssel mea pinksures just under 4 1/2" long

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