Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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These bea mens jewelryutiful Sterling Silver Cuff links a mens jewelryre 5/8" a mens jewelrynd a mens jewelry hea mens jewelryvy 20 ga mens jewelryuge thickness\r\rThey ca mens jewelryn be Custom Sta mens jewelrymped just for you!\r\rThe Cuff link ba mens jewelrycks a mens jewelryre a mens jewelrylso sterling silver a mens jewelrynd they a mens jewelryre Soldered (not glued) to form the piece\rI custom ma mens jewelryke them myself a mens jewelrynd ha mens jewelrynd polish them \r------------------------------------------------\rDIRECTIONS, for your loca mens jewelrytion\rGo to http://ma mens a mens jewelrynd zoom in on your desired loca mens jewelrytion(s). When you find it, right click, then click "Wha mens jewelryt's Here?"\rA string of digita mens jewelryl coordina mens jewelrytes will pop up tha mens jewelryt look like this, 41.879551, -87.623987. Click on this, a mens jewelrynd the more fa mens jewelrymilia mens jewelryr a mens jewelrynd tra mens jewelryditiona mens jewelryl looking\r41\u00b0 52' 46.38"N 87\u00b0 37" 26.35"W la mens jewelrytitude longitude forma mens jewelryt will a mens jewelryppea mens jewelryr. There is no extra mens jewelry cha mens jewelryrge for crea mens jewelryting two different cufflinks.\rPlea mens jewelryse note: This item is ha mens jewelryndma mens jewelryde using vinta mens jewelryge meta mens jewelryl sta mens jewelrymps, so cha mens jewelryra mens jewelrycters a mens jewelryre slightly offset which is pa mens jewelryrt of the a mens jewelryppea mens jewelryl of the piece.\r------------------------------------------------\r\rI include a mens jewelry cla mens jewelryssy gift box with ea mens jewelrych purcha mens jewelryse! (ma mens jewelryy va mens jewelryry from picture)\r\rAfter oxidizing ea mens jewelrych letter (da mens jewelryrkening), Ea mens jewelrych pa mens jewelryir is then polished to perfection\rIncluded is a mens jewelry FREE polishing cloth to use on the links, storing them in the sea mens jewelryled ba mens jewelrygs they come in is a mens jewelry grea mens jewelryt option to lessen ta mens jewelryrnish\rSeeing a mens jewelrys this is a mens jewelry ha mens jewelrynd ma mens jewelryde piece of fine jewelry, there ma mens jewelryy be some signs of of the cra mens jewelryftsma mens jewelrynship on the ba mens jewelryck of ea mens jewelrych piece, these a mens jewelryre ma mens jewelryde with pride in the USA \r------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\r*** I ca mens jewelryn even engra mens jewelryve the ba mens jewelryck toggle with a mens jewelry da mens jewelryte or messa mens jewelryge-for a mens jewelryn a mens jewelrydditiona mens jewelryl cha mens jewelryrge\r\rplea mens jewelryse limit this engra mens jewelryving to 8 cha mens jewelryra mens jewelrycters per section, their a mens jewelryre 4 sections a mens jewelrys you ca mens jewelryn see the ridge in the picture of the ba mens jewelryck of the link\r***The upgra mens jewelryde is a mens jewelryva mens jewelryila mens jewelryble in my shop*** $10 for one or both\r\rhttps://www./listing/96174311/cufflinks-upgra mens jewelryde-engra mens jewelryving-on-ba mens jewelryck-side?ref=shop_home_fea mens jewelryt_1\r----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r*** I ca mens jewelryn a mens jewelrylso ma mens jewelryke a mens jewelry ma mens jewelrytching tie ta mens jewelryc\r\rhttps://www./listing/204029781/sterling-silver-ha mens jewelrynd-sta mens jewelrymped-tie-ta mens jewelryc?ref=shop_home_a mens jewelryctive_2\r--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------\r\r\rHa mens jewelrynd sta mens jewelrymping is a mens jewelry process where ea mens jewelrych letter is individua mens jewelrylly sta mens jewelrymped into the meta mens jewelryl, one a mens jewelryt a mens jewelry time. As such, ea mens jewelrych letter ma mens jewelryy not line up perfectly a mens jewelrynd some letters ma mens jewelryy be deeper tha mens jewelryn the others. This is not to be considered a mens jewelry defect but a mens jewelrydds to the cha mens jewelryrm of ea mens jewelrych piece a mens jewelrynd gives ea mens jewelrych piece a mens jewelry uniqueness. This process is much deeper tha mens jewelryn most engra mens jewelryving, but not a mens jewelrys 'perfect' a mens jewelrynd lends to the cha mens jewelryrm\r\rI use dots. a mens jewelrys opposed to - da mens jewelryshes\rCompletion is a mens jewelrypprox 1 week for your customized finished piece\rWe use Priority ma mens jewelryil & Delivery Confirma mens jewelrytion\rI ca mens jewelryn offer discounts on 5+ orders\rI ca mens jewelryn a mens jewelrylso ha mens jewelrynd or ma mens jewelrychine engra mens jewelryve these with a mens jewelryny of the fonts shown on my shop\rLogo a mens jewelryre not a mens jewelry problem, nor a mens jewelryre signa mens jewelrytures!\rPlea mens jewelryse convo me a mens jewelrynd let me know wha mens jewelryt you a mens jewelryre thinking!\r\rPLEASE\r send me your phone number***if I ha mens jewelryve a mens jewelryny questions****it would be grea mens jewelryt to be a mens jewelryble to ta mens jewelrylk a mens jewelrybout your order!!\r\r**Plea mens jewelryse forgive my photogra mens jewelryphy-I a mens jewelrym a mens jewelry cra mens jewelryftsma mens jewelryn....not a mens jewelry very good photogra mens jewelrypher....\rI a mens jewelrylso use Priority Ma mens jewelryil via mens jewelry USPS with delivery confirma mens jewelrytion for orders in the USA\r----------------------------------------------------------\rWhen shipping outside the USA, plea mens jewelryse a mens jewelryllow time for your purcha mens jewelryse to a mens jewelryrrive a mens jewelrynd get thru customs, unfortuna mens jewelrytely I ha mens jewelryve no idea mens jewelry how long it will ta mens jewelryke to get thru customs, you ma mens jewelryy be a mens jewelryble to resea mens jewelryrch this via mens jewelry the web for a mens jewelrynswers. My loca mens jewelryl post office is una mens jewelryble to offer me the a mens jewelrynswer.\rThey a mens jewelryre shipped via mens jewelry first cla mens jewelryss

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