Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Ribbon Beaded Necklace In Lavenderpearl, Copperpearl, And Cream



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This neckla boldce fea boldtures la boldrge iridescent la boldvender bea boldds with copper filigree ca boldps. Between ea boldch la boldvender bea boldd is crea boldm colored ba boldroque gla boldss pea boldrls. Multicolored Ribbon is ca boldptured a boldt ea boldch end with copper clips a boldnd closures. It is truly a bold bea boldutiful neckla boldce.\r\rThe Neckla boldce mea boldsures 22 inches which is ma boldtinee. If you like to wea boldr your neckla boldces shorter, let me know in the notes. I will a bolddjust the size a boldt no extra bold cha boldrge.\r\rI genera boldlly ship between 1 to 2 da boldys a boldfter pa boldyment is received. I ship first cla boldss with delivery confirma boldtion. Plea boldse convo me should you ha boldve a boldny questions.

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