Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

kitsch, Vintage 1970s Topaz Swirl and Silver Tone Glossy Enamel Pierced Post Style Backs Retro Kitsch Hoop Earrings



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A shimmering topa pinup jewelryz golden swirled ena pinup jewelrymel gives a pinup jewelry fluid look to these cute hoop ea pinup jewelryrrings from the 70s! With silver tone a pinup jewelryccents a pinup jewelrynd ba pinup jewelryck, a pinup jewelrynd post style ba pinup jewelrycks.Ea pinup jewelryrrings mea pinup jewelrysure 5/16" wide, by 7/8" long. Excellent condition, with no chips, cra pinup jewelrycks, bends, discoloura pinup jewelrytion, or other signs of wea pinup jewelryr.All of our vinta pinup jewelryge jewelery is clea pinup jewelryned with a pinup jewelry hospita pinup jewelryl-gra pinup jewelryde virucide, with virucida pinup jewelryl, ba pinup jewelryctericida pinup jewelryl a pinup jewelrynd disinfecta pinup jewelrynt properties.

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